Successful Inaugural Virtual Educational Program for Prosthetists

Osseointegration International (OI) is delighted to announce the successful launch of its comprehensive virtual educational program exclusively designed for prosthetists and nurses. The inaugural meeting, held on July 7th, marked a significant milestone in OI’s commitment to advancing osseointegration procedures globally. Building upon the success of this first session, OI is excited to reveal that future sessions will be tailored to cater to both experts and beginners, addressing the diverse needs and preferences expressed by the participants.

The primary objective of these sessions was to raise awareness about the osseointegration technique and its potential benefits for amputee patients. OI’s team of experts shared invaluable insights into enhancing implant designs, refining surgical techniques, and optimizing rehabilitation protocols for amputees worldwide. The success of the first virtual educational program was evident from the overwhelming participation of over 30 prosthetists from the USA and Canada, reflecting the growing interest and importance of osseointegration in prosthetics.

The feedback received from participants after the inaugural meeting was invaluable to OI. The organization learned that participants expressed a strong interest in specialized sessions catered to their expertise levels. Therefore, OI is thrilled to announce that future sessions will be thoughtfully divided into courses for experts and/or beginners, enabling participants to choose the level of engagement that best suits their requirements.

William Lu, the interim Managing Director of Osseointegration International, emphasized the significance of these educational sessions, stating, “As osseointegration gains popularity worldwide and the number of patients increases, we receive daily inquiries seeking information on how to treat patients and order parts. Our goal is to empower prosthetists and nurses with the knowledge and expertise to effectively provide osseointegration solutions to their patients.”

The enhanced future sessions will delve deeper into the complexities of osseointegration, offering specialized courses for experienced professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and techniques. Additionally, beginners can join tailored sessions that provide a strong foundation and practical insights into the osseointegration technique.

The virtual program, designed to span two hours, will continue to consist of interactive sessions. Participants can expect a comprehensive overview of osseointegration, insights into treating patients with osseointegration implants, and hands-on training on critical elements like connectors used in prostheses. These sessions will be guided by OI’s team of experts, leveraging their extensive experience of over 1,200 successful cases performed worldwide.

Prof. Munjed Al Muderis, the founder of Osseointegration International, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “As our clinical data on the osseointegration procedure continues to grow, it becomes increasingly evident that specific patients experience significantly improved recovery, life expectancy, and quality of life compared to standard treatments. We hope that by deepening caregivers’ understanding of this procedure, they will expand the availability of this option to those patients who could benefit most.”

Osseointegration International looks forward to conducting these enhanced future sessions, providing tailored educational opportunities to a broader range of healthcare professionals, and ultimately improving the lives of amputees worldwide.