Osseointegration for Prosthetists

Continuing Education Opportunities

Limb osseointegration represents a specialised area within the field of prosthetics. Prosthetists can adapt to this shift by expanding their services to include osseointegration. By acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, prosthetists can position themselves as experts in traditional socket prostheses and osseointegration, diversifying their offerings and potentially attracting a broader range of patients.

Osseointegration Group offers remote and on-site training sessions for prosthetists.

Some of the aspects covered in the training are:

  • Introduction to osseointegration and current status.
  • Where is the scope of prosthetists vs a surgeon?
  • Alignment and fitting considerations when treating patients using osseointegration.
  • Technicalities of the different connector systems on the market.
  • Common issues and troubleshooting steps
  • Case examples.

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Referral Program

Osseointegrated prostheses require regular maintenance and follow-up care, including adjustments, component replacements, and routine examinations. Prosthetists can be vital in providing these services, ensuring patients’ long-term functionality and satisfaction with osseointegrated prostheses.

Currently, osseointegration is a niche within orthopaedics. Limb osseointegration represents a growing field within the prosthetic industry, with increasing awareness and adoption. By incorporating osseointegration into their practice, prosthetists can tap into this expanding market and attract new patients seeking this advanced solution.

Since there is a high need for trained prosthetists who can ensure the maintenance of patients using osseointegration, prosthetists can leverage collaborative opportunities with Osseointegration Group. This collaboration can lead to a shared referral network, where prosthetists can receive referrals for post-implantation prosthetic care and maintenance.

Better Care for Patients

Limb osseointegration can be an alternative solution for individuals experiencing socket prosthesis problems offering significant benefits and transforming their lives.

By offering osseointegration as an alternative, prosthetists can address the needs of patients dissatisfied with traditional socket prostheses.

Some patient groups could benefit the most from osseointegration´s clinical benefits:

  • Amputees with Socket-related Issues: Individuals who experience discomfort, skin problems, and limitations due to socket prostheses are prime candidates for osseointegration. This includes those with limb loss from trauma, congenital conditions, or medical conditions such as peripheral vascular disease or diabetes.
  • Active and Athletic Individuals: Individuals engaged in physically demanding occupations.
  • Individuals with Short Residual Limbs: Those with short residual limbs may struggle with achieving proper alignment and optimal function using traditional socket prostheses.
  • Individuals with Limited Soft Tissue Coverage: Some amputees may have limited soft tissue coverage in the residual limb, making socket fitting challenging and uncomfortable. Osseointegration provides an alternative by anchoring the prosthesis directly to the bone, eliminating the need for socket-related issues and enhancing overall comfort.

It important to note that each patient’s suitability should be assessed individually, considering their overall health, bone condition, and specific needs. Collaborating with an experienced osseointegration team can help determine the most appropriate candidates and ensure the best outcomes for each patient.

Additionally, providing osseointegration as an option can enhance patient satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. Additionally, prosthetists can continue to serve patients who may not be suitable candidates for osseointegration or prefer socket prostheses, ensuring a steady patient base.

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