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Osseointegration Group is a team of highly skilled medical professionals specialising in Osseointegration Surgery.

The Osseointegration Team provide comprehensive support to patients before, during, and after the surgical procedure, ensuring exceptional care throughout the entire journey.

Osseointegration Group has performed over 0 cases worldwide

Professor Munjed Al Muderis

Founder of Osseointegration International and Osseointegration Group of Australia.

Professor Munjed Al Muderis is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon and a major figure in the fields of osseointegration, prosthetics, limb reconstruction and complex trauma. Widely acknowledged for his ground-breaking advancements in osseointegration, Prof. Al Muderis improved the prosthetic implants and the surgical technique while re-designing the first phase of the rehabilitation for patients undergoing the procedure.

In 2010, Prof. Al Muderis established the Osseointegration Group of Australia, which has since expanded into Osseointegration International, the world largest institution facilitating the procedure and providing osseointegration prostheses globally.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Limb Osseointegration​

The Osseointegration Group team adopts a collaborative approach to osseointegration, drawing on the expertise of multidisciplinary members. The team comprises specialized clinicians and technicians, including:

  • orthopaedic surgeons,
  • amputee clinical psychologists,
  • pain specialists,
  • preoperative physicians,
  • physiotherapists,
  • prosthetists,
  • biomedical engineers, and
  • clinical researchers.

Osseointegration Implants

Designed by Prof. Al Muderis, and manufactured by Permedica, the prosthesis has a unique press-fit design that takes the load back directly to the bone and the associated muscles.

The prosthesis is implanted directly into the bone and encourages bone growth. Once integrated, it allows for a simple, quick, and safe connection between the residual limb and the lower prosthesis.

Osseointegration Prosthetic Limb

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