Munjed Al Muderis speaks at Osseointegration Awareness Sessions for Amputees in Europe

The Limb Reconstruction Center in Sydney, in collaboration with Paley European Institute in Warsaw, is launching an informative session on Osseointegration and Limb Reconstruction in Central Europe. The event aims to establish a long-term relationship between the two institutions and create a network of services for amputees in Central and Eastern Europe and will take place at the Paley European Institute in Warsaw, Poland.

Although the procedure has been available in Western Europe for a couple of decades, the global osseointegration network does not yet provided sufficient coverage in Europe’s Eastern part. The Limb Reconstruction Center from Sydney will be aiming to provide a clinical assessment, up to date information, and advice for amputees considering Osseointegration and all the necessary services for those who have already undergone the surgery, close to their homes, without the need to travel to Australia.

During the session, the Limb Reconstruction Center team will be providing information on Osseointegration, its benefits and drawbacks, long-term outcomes, and potential complications. The team will also explain their multidisciplinary preoperative assessment, postoperative care, and troubleshooting in complex situations.

According to Professor Munjed Al Muderis, founder of Osseointegration International and speaker at multiple international sessions on osseointegration: “Osseointegration is still a niche procedure, and most of the expertise is available in Australia, where most cases have been performed. Knowledge about the procedure is scarce in Central and Eastern Europe, despite its availability for a couple of decades around the World. It is important to increase awareness about this procedure and guarantee future patients access to all necessary advice and follow-up closer to their homes.”

The Limb Reconstruction Center hopes to establish a long-term relationship with Paley European Institute and provide patients in Central and Eastern Europe with access to Osseointegration and Limb Reconstruction services.