Osseointegration is a surgical procedure that can enhance the lives of individuals with limb loss. It involves placing a prosthetic implant into the remaining bone of an amputee – this implant serves as a direct connection point for attaching an external prosthesis, eliminating the requirement for a traditional socket-mounted prosthesis. 

Benefits of Osseointegration

Eliminate Socket Issues

No more sweating, rubbing, bruising, chafing or discomfort resulting from the atrict between socket and skin. 

Improved Overall Pain

Thanks to a more stable prosthetic connection, distributing the load more evenly along the bone and reducing pressure points.

Improved Energy

The direct attachment of the prosthesis reduces the effort while moving, improving energy efficiency and fatigue during activities.

Full Prosthetic Control

Osseointegration allows for better proprioception of the prosthesis, enabling more accurate sensory feedback.

Better Mobility & Stability

Improved muscle strength and coordination, allowing for more natural and efficient movements.

Better Fit

Osseointegration offers a customized fit for each person, ensuring optimal alignment and fit of the prosthesis.

History of Osseointegration

Advancements in orthopaedics and medical technology have transformed the lives of individuals who have experienced limb loss. Discover the origins of Osseointegration surgery and its evolution across time, from its beginnings, to surgical technique refinements, and advancements to the prosthesis.

Osseointegration - Complications, Risks and Pain Management

It is always important to carefully consider any medical treatment and be aware of potential risks that come with it. Please consult a qualified health practitioner or click below to learn more about the potential risks of the procedure.

Osseointegration Clinical Research and Clinical Evidence Documents

Osseointegration for Amputees - Clinical Evidence

Explore our comprehensive collection of scientific research and clinical studies on limb osseointegration. This content is tailored for patients, researchers, and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of osseointegration surgery, its benefits, indications and potential risks.

Osseointegration News

Empowering Your Journey

We aim to provide all amputees with extensive knowledge about osseointegration, empowering them to approach the surgery with total confidence. Our mission is to enable patients to make informed decisions about their health while offering support in every step of their journey towards greater mobility. 

Enabling Comprehensive Care


Prosthetists play a vital role in osseointegration. By broadening their expertise, they can provide care for a wider range of patients.
Osseointegration Group offers training and referral programs to support prosthetists in providing comprehensive care and assistance for Osseointegration patients.
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Insurance & Legal

Navigating insurance and legal aspects can be complex, especially when it comes to supporting clients in need of Osseointegration.
Our goal is to provide valuable information that can help simplify the process and enable amputees to access the surgery.
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Osseointegration Group is a team of highly skilled medical professionals specialising in Osseointegration Surgery.

The Osseointegration Group team provide comprehensive support to patients before, during, and after the surgical procedure, ensuring exceptional care throughout the entire journey.

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