Transforming lives with advanced prosthetic technology

Osseointegration has transformed the lives of thousands of people with limb loss. By inserting an advanced implant into the bone, it provides a secure and stable connection for a range of external prosthetic limbs. Eliminating the need for a traditional socket prosthetic, osseointegration can improve mobility, comfort and quality of life.

Benefits of Osseointegration

Avoid Socket Issues

Eliminate rubbing, chafing, pressure pain and skin breakdown. 

Reduce Pain

Sitting, walking or running, say goodbye to the daily pains associated with socket use.

Do More

Enjoy lower energy consumption and less fatigue compared to socket prostheses, leaving you with the power to do more!

Feel More

Experience your environment with improved proprioception, from walking surfaces to wind.

Strong and Stable

Be confident in your movement, with better muscle strength and a more natural gait.

Custom Fit

With a customised fit, you can enjoy perfect height and alignment for your prosthetic.

History of Osseointegration

Advancements in orthopaedics and medical technology have transformed the lives of individuals who have experienced limb loss. Discover the origins of Osseointegration surgery and its evolution across time, from its beginnings, to surgical technique refinements, and advancements to the prosthesis.

Osseointegration: What to Know

As with any medical procedure, it is important to understand what’s involved. Click on the link below to learn about the surgery, what you can do before and after surgery to reduce your chances of developing a complication, and the steps we take to optimise your rehabilitation and recovery. 

Osseointegration Clinical Research and Clinical Evidence Documents

Osseointegration for Amputees: Research

Deep dive into osseointegration via our research portal. Whether you’re a patient, researcher or healthcare professional, you can explore scientific research and clinical studies on all aspects of the procedure, from surgical technique and implant technology to successful complex cases and counterindications.

Osseointegration News

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Prosthetists are a vital part of every person’s osseointegration journey
We offer professional training and referral programs to prosthetists looking to improve their skills around osseointegration.
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Insurance and Legal

We’re committed to improving access to the surgery for all patients.
If your surgery is subject to an ongoing legal or insurance claim, we’re here to help.
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Who are The Osseointegration Group?

The Osseointegration Group is a team of world-leading orthopaedic surgeons specialising in osseointegration.

With decades of collective experience delivering care excellence worldwide, and an unwavering commitment to positive patient outcomes, they represent some of the very best providers working in the field today.

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