Permedica Osseointegration

The Osseointegration Group implant manufacturer.

Permedica OsseointegrationOsseointegration surgery has a relatively short clinical history.

Multiple factors can affect the performance of an implant:

  • The material: different for weight-bearing parts, connectors, and parts susceptible to movement
  • The coating:  where it is positioned and the thickness of the coating layer
  • The design: specific design of the implant and the design of the sizes to better fit the patient’s anatomy

To remain at the forefront of innovation for all these elements, whilst remaining focussed on surgical aspects and patient care, Osseointegration International has developed a solid partnership with the global manufacturer Permedica Orthopaedics.

The joint research and development teams of Osseointegration International and Permedica guarantee that implants evolve with the latest improvements.

One of the benefits of this partnership is the clinically proven progressive improvement in clinical outcomes and the constant reduction of long-term complication rates

COMMITTED TO INNOVATION: Permedica specialises in 3D-printing manufacturing supporting Osseointegration International with customised implants when the amputee’s anatomy requires it.

The company is also investigating alternative surface coating and the use of antimicrobial nanoparticles for OPL.