Osseointegration Education for Prosthetists

Osseointegration International (OI), the Australian company founded by surgeon Munjed Al Muderis, is excited to announce the launch of a comprehensive virtual educational program exclusively designed for prosthetists and nurses worldwide. The primary objective of these sessions is to raise awareness about the osseointegration technique and its potential benefits for amputee patients. The inaugural meeting of this first group of prosthetists is scheduled for July 7th and will be a core part of a certification program, with a detailed schedule to follow soon.

Osseointegration is a ground-breaking surgical technique that involves the insertion of a prosthetic implant directly into the residual bone of an amputee. This innovative approach eliminates the need for traditional socket-mounted prostheses, significantly improving mobility and enhancing the overall quality of life for amputees. Leading the field of osseointegration surgery is Prof. Munjed Al Muderis, whose contributions to this field include enhancing implant designs, refining surgical techniques, and optimizing rehabilitation protocols for amputees worldwide. Thanks to his efforts, osseointegration has transitioned from a research technique to a standard procedure accessible to amputees.

With over 1,200 successful cases performed worldwide, Osseointegration International is recognized as the most experienced team in osseointegration procedures. Recent studies have demonstrated the numerous benefits of osseointegration compared to socket-based prostheses, which have long been considered the standard of care for amputees. Patients who have undergone osseointegration report higher satisfaction rates, improved quality of life, increased walking ability, and enhanced speed.

Since socket-based prostheses continue to be the prevailing treatment method for amputees, the existing curricula primarily focus on this approach. The training organized by Osseointegration International is specifically designed for practising prosthetists who wish to expand their knowledge of this cutting-edge procedure to better serve their patients with this solution or amputees not satisfied with socket-based prostheses. The sessions will provide valuable insights into daily patient care solutions together with information on existing scientific studies and clinical experiences.

William Lu, the interim Managing Director of Osseointegration International, expressed the importance of these educational sessions, stating, “As osseointegration gains popularity worldwide and the number of patients increases, we receive daily inquiries seeking information on how to treat patients and order parts. Achieving optimal alignment between the prosthesis and the implant is crucial for this technique, along with selecting the most suitable connectors for each patient and this is very complicated without the proper training”

The program will span two hours and consist of three sessions. In the initial segment, a Clinical Specialist from OI will provide a comprehensive overview of osseointegration, offering essential background knowledge to understand the functioning of this technique. The subsequent session will feature an experienced prosthetist who will share insights into treating patients with osseointegration implants, emphasizing the best alignment techniques and customization options based on individual patient needs and lifestyles. Finally, OI engineers will lead a hands-on session dedicated to connectors used in prostheses, a critical element for patients’ complete rehabilitation and long-term implant maintenance. During this session, engineers will use a portable camera to demonstrate all the engineering intricacies of the connectors. The training will conclude with a Q&A session, allowing participants to seek clarification on specific topics or resolve complex patient scenarios.

Prof. Munjed Al Muderis, the founder of Osseointegration International, remarked, “As our clinical data on the osseointegration procedure continues to grow, it becomes increasingly evident that specific patients experience significantly improved recovery, life expectancy, and quality of life compared to standard treatments. We hope that by deepening caregivers’ understanding of this procedure, they will expand the availability of this option to those patients who could benefit most.”

To register for this highly informative training or to receive specific information please get in touch with us at: customerservice@osseointegration.org