Osseointegration Anniversary and the Development of Robotic Prostheses

New South Wales, Australia – Osseointegration International acknowledges the advance in robotic prostheses as 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the recognition of osseointegration as a viable procedure, initially in dental surgery and subsequently implanting a titanium rod directly into bone, providing a secure attachment point for prosthetic limbs. Professor Munjed Al-Muderis, the founder of […]

Prof. Munjed Al Muderis made Ambassador to Ukraine Charity

The Australian orthopaedic surgeon Professor Munjed Al Muderis has been made an Ambassador of the Ukrainian charity UNBROKEN. Based in Lviv, UNBROKEN is an initiative of First Medical Association of Lviv providing qualified medical help to more than five thousand Ukrainians affected by the hostilities. At the end of 2022, Professor Al Muderis and a […]

Munjed Al Muderis addresses ALLARS Annual Scientific Meeting

Melbourne, Australia – The Australian Limb Lengthening and Reconstructive Society (ALLARS) hosted its Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) on March 3rd and 4th, bringing together experts and practitioners from Australia and New Zealand to share knowledge and discuss the latest advancements in limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques. Describing the event, Dr Tim O’Carrigan, President-Elect of ALLARS […]

Munjed Al Muderis: How Can Medics Volunteer in War and Disaster Zones?

Australian orthopaedics company Osseointegtation International, is responding to the question “how can medical professionals volunteer in war and disaster zones?” following the return of their founder, Professor Munjed Al Muderis, and a team of Australian medics from Ukraine. “The need for medical professionals in war zones and disaster areas around the world has never been […]

How Orthopaedic surgeons are revolutionising patient communication through social media.

A detailed analysis performed by UK Medical Device Marketing Agency CommuniD reveals an increasing number of orthopaedic surgeons present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, gathering huge digital communities comprised of patients, doctors, and other professionals involved in the medical business. The old days when a patient had to sit passively in the hospital’s […]

40 Years Since Osseointegration Recognised

New South Wales, Australia – This year marks the 40th anniversary of osseointegration, a medical breakthrough that has transformed the field of dental and orthopaedic surgery. At the Toronto Conference in 1983, the scientific community recognized Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s research on osseointegration as a viable treatment for dental practice, which later paved the way for […]

Osseointegration International launches the Type D range of the OPL

Australian orthopaedics company Osseointegration International has announced a hybrid approach to the off-the-shelf versus custom-made implants debate by adding 66 new sizes to the OPL and using 3D printed implants only if needed. With advances in 3D printing, custom-made implants are becoming increasingly prominent in the orthopaedic market. Many industry insiders believe they will fully […]

Healthcare Market Watchers : Social Media ‘Not all Bad’

CommuniD, the medical device marketing company, today announced that social media is having an overwhelmingly positive effect on sufferers and patients in rehabilitation. Despite numerous headlines about the destructive effect of social media, particularly on young people, there are many positive examples of the good it is doing for peer support between individuals and their […]

Osseointegration International and Permedica Orthopaedics announce the launch of their Direct Skeletal Fixation procedure for amputees

Sydney 16/02/2022 – Australia-based Osseointegration International Pty has announced a partnership with Italian manufacturer Permedica Orthopaedics to launch the Osseointegration procedure for amputees in Italy. The team will focus on supporting surgeons and healthcare professionals throughout the entire process of bringing the amputees to a “new normality”. Direct Skeletal Fixation or Osseointegration is a surgical […]